Interior Design

A Lookback at 19th Century Britain

One nation has much to tell just by looking at its homes. British home interiors, for one, have much history to tell.  Looking at its home posts, awnings, verandas, and houses, these are evidences that Great Britain has gone through a ride in history, harnessed by numerous events and battles, especially during the 19th century.

Image by Elliot Brown via Flickr, Creative Commons

Owing to the Industrial Revolution, 19th century presented an unparalleled expansion for Britain. From communication down to transportation, politics, and even home interior designs, the Victorian period has made its mark on Britain. Let us step back and see how the Victorian period affected modern England.


Bedroom Colours that Reveal the Inner You

Choosing the right shades and hues for the different parts of your house is a no easy task. It needs to complement the existing raw materials where they are made and give them a sense of purpose. Of course, by the time you enter your house, you instantly want to feel at home and take a break from a stressful day simply by having a look around. Colours that perfectly blend together soothe the mind, while rightfully contrasting ones usually excite the imagination. With these being said, colours influence the way people think and speak especially those that are found in their personal space: the bedroom.

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