Rain got you down? Make up for it with brighter home designs

Everyone dreads the rainy days because they mean that people must invest in building and in renting elevated houses, hiring professional repairmen and seeking pieces of advice from contractors regarding remodelling, in the hope sparing themselves from the potential casualties that the said season brings. But bear these tips in mind so that your house will not only be safe to live in but also look warm despite the cold weather.


1. Choosing the right colours

Since the wet season reflects the cold, stony and gloomy vibes, pick warm colours that perfectly blend (or contradict) one another to add life and vibrancy to your personal space. Correctly selecting warm colour schemes that emanate the past summer season are suitable for the wet season because they counter the chilling effect by putting a cosy atmosphere instead. Red symbolizes the fire element that is associated with the intense feelings of love, courage and determination. Orange reflects flexibility that also suggests adaptability to various circumstances despite of existing difficulties because it’s a combination of red and yellow. On the other hand, yellow exudes cheerfulness and optimism because of its eye-catching aura.

2. Putting plants and flowers
The rainy season can be a total downer because of the heavy downpour and continuous flow of water. Since you can’t enjoy the relaxing view of the great outdoors, you can take home the beauty of the natural elements to keep your spirits up. Add fresh flowers and garden plants (or even artificial types) near the windows of the house to brighten up the mood. Aside from putting floral ornaments, having linens, bed sheets and pillows with playful environmental patterns also excite the imagination during dull moments. The wet season can be very depressing but seeing intricate curves and loops that remind you of nature will alter the feeling.

3. Investing in scented candles
You’ll be forced to keep your doors and windows closed during rainy days so that your home furniture won’t get soaked. But keeping them closed for longer periods of time will accumulate unpleasant odours inside caused by the different residential activities. Because of this, having scented candles situated in some corners of the house will get rid of the smell and replace it with mild aromatic fragrance of blooming flowers and ripening fruits. Light the scented candles during a particular time of the day to allow only a balanced aroma of freshness in the area. Don’t leave them lit for too long because the scent can be overpowering.

4. Changing the curtains
During the monsoon season, make it a point to change the type of curtains that you’re using. If you have heavy curtains with drapes on your living and bedroom windows, you better replace them with thin plain white (or with less printed patterned) ones to let light on the outside to pass through. Since you’re experiencing a dark and cloudy weather, make sure that you permit the remaining small amounts of light from your surroundings so that the interior of your house will look cosy.

5. Having floor mats
See to it that you put thick floor mats on your main residential doors because they quickly absorb water from your shoes once you enter your house and you’re dripping wet. This will spare you from the effort of mopping your tiled or wooden floors, every now and then when water seeps in. Some houses don’t have floor mats and have carpets instead. The problem with carpets is that they don’t quickly dry and thorough cleaning is required so dirt and bacteria accumulation is unavoidable.

Getting ready for the anticipated calamities and disasters that go along with the arrival of the wet season can be tough. But keep in mind that the rainy day blues should never keep you away from making your residential area in sync with the weather yet still looking as attractive as ever since rainy season home design is once again in fashion.

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