My Top Three Household Things that are Not-So-Secretly Recycled

I have always adored DIY Projects because they don’t only let me save money but they also allow my creativity to flow through the different objects that I make. They excite my imagination and let my ideas instantly materialize in crafting functional things that can be used in many ways. One indispensible principle that DIY projects teach is the value of practicality because instead of going to the malls and buy expensive materials, they help me make use of my available (recycled) resources and make something special out of the ordinary. There are even some schools, building establishments and playground equipment that are made from recycled plastic that are built for children to ensure their safety during their playtime without the hassle of spending too much and compromising their health. There are definitely a lot of benefits that you can get from making other things out of recycled materials which is why I simply can’t get enough of them. Would you believe that I have a few objects at home that are recycled as well? Some of them may look like they have come from inexpensive, reused materials but they are well-made and are of multiple purposes. (more…)

Acquiring Your Dream House without Spending Too Much

Are you planning to build a music room or to turn your study room into a library? How about if you change your living room into a mini theatre? Sounds expensive right? At this time where prices of commodities and services increase, people find ways on how they can save their money and effort in purchasing, constructing, remodeling, and finishing of houses. You can’t blame them. Who wouldn’t want to live in a classy house in an instant without burning a hole in their pockets? If you believe that only celebrities and other elites of the society have the means to achieve their dream houses, think again. Just bear these 5 tips and tricks in mind and luxury under a budget is within your reach:

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Bedroom Colours that Reveal the Inner You

Choosing the right shades and hues for the different parts of your house is a no easy task. It needs to complement the existing raw materials where they are made and give them a sense of purpose. Of course, by the time you enter your house, you instantly want to feel at home and take a break from a stressful day simply by having a look around. Colours that perfectly blend together soothe the mind, while rightfully contrasting ones usually excite the imagination. With these being said, colours influence the way people think and speak especially those that are found in their personal space: the bedroom.

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