Little Helpers in Interior Design

You probably don’t know anything about real mess until you’ve become a mother, with several kids in the house. It can be stressful, it will definitely take a toll on your patience and bother your (previously) organized self, but there are times there simply is no getting out of it. Why not “attack” the problem and work it out to your (and your home’s) best advantage?

Kids have minds of their own, and if you think you can influence them into doing something worthwhile just by nagging, think again. You probably are able to do that out of fear, but it will not instil in them a sense of responsibility, dedication and later on fulfilment that you would want them to value as they grow older.

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Adopt an approach other than nagging, and find out simple but ingenuous ways to get them involved in house chores, like in your home organization. Kids these days are exposed to media and pop culture, and at a young age already have their own preferences in cartoon characters, designs, music and other such choices. That considered, you may now encourage them to come up with their own ideas in interior design, especially in their bedrooms, playrooms or even their study areas. Allow them to come up with their own design plan, or show them photos of possible designs for their rooms and let them decide. As far as practicable, come up with lots of DIY projects that will allow them to explore their artistry and creativity. Kids will definitely gain a stronger sense of responsibility knowing they have a hand in deciding the design of their rooms and even other areas in the house, and since it’s their “project” they should expect to keep it orderly and organized – maintain the project, so to speak. Our kids today somewhat demand to be treated like adults, and when we make them part of decision-making they own up to good responsibility, which is good training for them as they grow older. Not only will that, but to allot substantial time to your DIY projects together be a great opportunity for bonding and enjoying time together in worthwhile projects.

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