Finding The Decorating Style That Suits You

“Do you know your decorating style?”

This question might be too hard to answer for those starting to re-decorate their homes, and even for those who are moving into a new place and planning what their new home would look like. Jill Waage, Home Content Director of Better Homes and Gardens states that people nowadays are forever changed by the home design information which are readily available. With the massive availability of home decor information and its easy access over the internet, TV, and magazines, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused which can pose difficulty in determining what your exact decorating style is.

But you don’t need to fret as your journey in discovering your decorating style for your home improvement can be both easy and fun. It may be a gradual process but it will surely reflect your personality and in the end will make you feel satisfied with the overall look of your home. I’ll be asking you some questions which, by answering, can help you get a step closer to your decorating style. I’ll also be sharing with you different ways to find your personal decorating style while giving a heads up on some specific styles that you might consider for your homes. Read along, and have an enjoyable journey discovering your personal style for your dwelling place.

  1. What Photos Capture Your Interest?

This is EXACTLY what I want in a desk space! High shelf that my computer will fit under. (Vintage cameras and owls will go there) Inspiration board on the wall and lots of desk space. Would probably put shelves going up both sides to put books.   Also, in white!

Photo by decor8 holly via Pinterest

You’ve already clipped a photo of your dream bedroom from your favourite home magazine. You’ve already took some shots of your friend’s cosy living room. You’ve finished browsing the internet for inspiration photos for the unique look of your dining area. If you’ve done these steps, then you’re off to a good start. Your personal decorating style can be discovered by compiling images that you like and love. Doing this can help you build your photo inspiration board for easy reference of how you see your home in the future. Since most of us spend lots of time in the internet, it is also best for you to utilize Pinterest to properly organize those designs that speak to you. Go over each photo that you’ve pinned and look for patterns and features that you might want to fit together.

By looking at the photos that you’ve collected, ask yourself, “Would we feel comfortable living with this style? Is there a common theme among the photos that you’ve selected? How do you feel while looking at these photos?” After you’ve finalized your photo collection, you’ll have a clearer picture of your design preferences.

  1. What Are Your Personal Style Words?

Finding your own decorating style by using personal style words can help you create a vision of of what you want that will help you stick to what you love and what your goals are in decorating your home. Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design says that you need to find your style words by using adjectives that describe three things: how you want your home to feel, how you want your home to look, and the purpose of your home. List down the words that come into your mind while meditating on the three criteria that are previously mentioned. Choose the 5 best words that accurately define what you want from your house.

These words will guide you every time you make major decisions and when buying the stuff that you need for your home. For example, if I have the words “order, creative, calm, natural, and unique” in my list, it will better aid me in choosing the exact furniture and pieces that will complement my personal style that I want for my home and avoid those that doesn’t fit my preferences.

  1. What’s The Overall Style That I Want For My House?

This is the heart of finding out your personal decorating style. First, go around your present house and look for the things that you already have. List what you like to keep and those that you need to throw away or keep out of sight. Do you cherish that wall clock that you received from your grandmother? Do you already dislike that old lamp that you got from a yard sale? This step will help you focus on the things that you prefer so you can easily achieve the right look that you want for your home.

By Vanessa Barendregt

Photo by Vanessa Barendregt via Pinterest


Next, if you have a personal collection, it can greatly contribute in discovering your style. It basically sums up your interest and hobbies and will add a personal touch to your home decors. Do you still keep your shell collection? Then, you can use them for your seaside motif for your home by placing them in a bowl or turning it into a DIY planter. You can also use your old photographs, souvenirs, and other stuff that can help you make your overall theme cohesive and appealing.

Your travels, interests, and hobbies will also spell out the difference for your personal home style. Your empty gallery can be filled with the things that matter to you and can make your home more personal and unique. For example, if you’re a photographer, your framed pictures can tell a story and can add a personal design to your living room.

Once you’ve gone through these steps, it’s time to slowly hinge it to a particular decorating style. Here are some helpful styles to help you decide which one is closest to you. Instead of sticking to one, you can also mix and match these styles for a more unique, personal style.

Nature’s Way

mediterranean decorating style053 interior design ideas

Photo by Central Interior Design via Pinterest


If you like country drives, farms, nature, wildlife, beaches, yoga, then you’re more of the earthly and natural type. Your style comes from having a personal connection to the natural elements and you tend to find peace and balance by having a nature trip on a park or in a forest.

This style allows you to make use of organic elements. You can incorporate pieces that mirror natural textures and shapes, as well as include natural stuff such as pinecones, and sculptural driftwood that can serve as a piece of art in your living room. Have comfortable chairs and sofas made up of washable cottons to complete your nature look for your home.

Go Carefree With The Creative And Eclectic Style

Sartorialist Fabrizio Rollo’s apartment in São Paulo featured in the December issue of Elle Decor

Photo by The Sartorialist via Pinterest

Antique shops, crafts, recipes, gardening, and vintage stuff capture your interest. If you are this person, the creative and eclectic style is for you. Your personality defines your decorating style by being appreciative of old and new things, as well as a healthy mix of a homey feeling and inkling for artisan items.

Carefree details matter in this kind of style. Your artistic mind will help you pair a new table with an old and vintage chair. Fabrics for this style include more laces, embroidery, and will produce the cottage look that you’ve always wanted. You will also be thrilled to display any of your handmade collection to complete the entire look.

The Modern And Refined Style

Japanese Minimalist Home Design Architecture - The Best Home Interior Design Blogs

Photo by Luvne via Pinterest

This style is for a person who loves global travel, books, social networks, galleries, wines, designer labels, and piano bars. The urban environment that you’re familiar of defines your personal style, complete with the sophistication and modern influences to display your modern taste.

The details that will find of value to you include abstract paintings, and intricate details of modern shapes which can be incorporated in your personal style. The basic idea for your style is that going simple means more sophistication. Choose furniture that are minimalist, yet are functional and in style such as an armless seat or a black and sleek sofa.

  1. What Are The Right Colours For My Style?

Colour Blocking at Home - a whole series of shots and pages on using color blocking to define and perk up a room. I don't love the rainbow sherbet tones here, but I do love the idea

Photo by August Empress via Pinterest


The colours that you will incorporate in your decorating style are highly important, since it can make or break the overall look of your house. In order to help you find the right colour based on your preferred style, have paint chips or put colour pencils across the table to see which ones draw your interest more. It will give you a clearer picture on which ones look good together, and which ones don’t fit. Compare your preferred colours with the colours of your stuff such as your furniture, and consider important parts of the house such as the bedroom when choosing the right bedroom colours to make sure that everything is attuned to each other.

For the natural style, choose colours that are calming and more of the forest, sky or sea hues. These are composed of the green, brownish, and bluish type of colours. Creative and eclectic style demands informal bright colours, such as yellow, light green and light blue, and pink. The modern style needs to have bold hues like black, gray, red, and other urban hues.

  1. Am I Happy And Contented With My Style Choices?

No one can afford to have their homes re-decorated every time they see a small detail that doesn’t fit their preference. After carefully planning and considering the design essentials, ask yourself if you are happy and contented with your choices. If your answer is a resounding “yes”, then you have found your decorating style. If not, don’t fret and carefully look into the details that you’ve missed or did not match your taste and replace them with the ones you like.

They say that you and your home are inseparable, since your home reflects who you are. You only have one home and it should not make you feel stressed or bad about life. Instead, this should be your sanctuary that you can enjoy each day. Utilize these tips in order to find your personal decorating style and create a more homey feeling for you and your loved ones.

Did these information help you discover your personal decorating style? I’m excited to hear your stories of how you came about with your decorating style.

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