Finding The Decorating Style That Suits You

“Do you know your decorating style?”

This question might be too hard to answer for those starting to re-decorate their homes, and even for those who are moving into a new place and planning what their new home would look like. Jill Waage, Home Content Director of Better Homes and Gardens states that people nowadays are forever changed by the home design information which are readily available. With the massive availability of home decor information and its easy access over the internet, TV, and magazines, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused which can pose difficulty in determining what your exact decorating style is.

But you don’t need to fret as your journey in discovering your decorating style for your home improvement can be both easy and fun. It may be a gradual process but it will surely reflect your personality and in the end will make you feel satisfied with the overall look of your home. I’ll be asking you some questions which, by answering, can help you get a step closer to your decorating style. I’ll also be sharing with you different ways to find your personal decorating style while giving a heads up on some specific styles that you might consider for your homes. Read along, and have an enjoyable journey discovering your personal style for your dwelling place.

  1. What Photos Capture Your Interest?

This is EXACTLY what I want in a desk space! High shelf that my computer will fit under. (Vintage cameras and owls will go there) Inspiration board on the wall and lots of desk space. Would probably put shelves going up both sides to put books.   Also, in white!

Photo by decor8 holly via Pinterest

You’ve already clipped a photo of your dream bedroom from your favourite home magazine. You’ve already took some shots of your friend’s cosy living room. You’ve finished browsing the internet for inspiration photos for the unique look of your dining area. If you’ve done these steps, then you’re off to a good start. Your personal decorating style can be discovered by compiling images that you like and love. Doing this can help you build your photo inspiration board for easy reference of how you see your home in the future. Since most of us spend lots of time in the internet, it is also best for you to utilize Pinterest to properly organize those designs that speak to you. Go over each photo that you’ve pinned and look for patterns and features that you might want to fit together.


A Lookback at 19th Century Britain

One nation has much to tell just by looking at its homes. British home interiors, for one, have much history to tell.  Looking at its home posts, awnings, verandas, and houses, these are evidences that Great Britain has gone through a ride in history, harnessed by numerous events and battles, especially during the 19th century.

Image by Elliot Brown via Flickr, Creative Commons

Owing to the Industrial Revolution, 19th century presented an unparalleled expansion for Britain. From communication down to transportation, politics, and even home interior designs, the Victorian period has made its mark on Britain. Let us step back and see how the Victorian period affected modern England.


My Top Three Household Things that are Not-So-Secretly Recycled

I have always adored DIY Projects because they don’t only let me save money but they also allow my creativity to flow through the different objects that I make. They excite my imagination and let my ideas instantly materialize in crafting functional things that can be used in many ways. One indispensible principle that DIY projects teach is the value of practicality because instead of going to the malls and buy expensive materials, they help me make use of my available (recycled) resources and make something special out of the ordinary. There are even some schools, building establishments and playground equipment that are made from recycled plastic that are built for children to ensure their safety during their playtime without the hassle of spending too much and compromising their health. There are definitely a lot of benefits that you can get from making other things out of recycled materials which is why I simply can’t get enough of them. Would you believe that I have a few objects at home that are recycled as well? Some of them may look like they have come from inexpensive, reused materials but they are well-made and are of multiple purposes. (more…)