5 Fun Activities That Would Attract You Away From Your Telly

Admit it. If you are at home and bored to death out of nothing to do, what would you most likely do? Watching television has topped the list of regular activities an ordinary British person does. Rather than spending time outside on Sundays, most families opt to sit on the settee watching their favourite TV series and films. It is not surprising that an Euro statistics survey revealed that people in Britain use 45% of their time watching television.

Although this hobby is part of the daily life for larger British population, experts worry that too much of it might pose threat to one’s health. Time magazine reported that this habit increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems as well as risk of premature death from any cause. This might chicken you out or something, but no worries! This article will talk about 5 fun activities that would definitely steal the show of your attention far away from your favourite TV.

1. Geocaching

Is the term new to you? Maybe not, what with the increasing hype surrounding it that instantly turned it as favourite pastime for outdoor travellers. According to geocaching.com, the most prominent geocaching website, this activity is a real world treasure hunting in which you will only need a GPS-enabled device, access to the internet and pocket money, and you are now set to play the game. Similar to the rules of treasure hunting, you are in pursuit of a hidden treasure or ‘caches’ but this time, using the aid of GPS receiver. Get first a free account on geocaching.com and download the coordinates to your device to give you clues of the location and description of cache. Now you are ready to hunt your way to the coveted geocache. What, then, would this trip entail you? Certainly a must try activity with your whole family, you will have a closer encounter with breathtaking, interesting and unusual nature locations as well as thrilling and fun adventure in looking for the treasure. In UK alone, there are 70, 000 hidden geocaches waiting for you to uncover. So, are you interested? Then go and find it!

2. Sports Dances
Sports dances are currently gaining attention from British people because of the fun as well as health and fitness benefits associated with it. Many places in London offer workshops for the famous Latin American dance-turned-sports such as Zumba and Argentine Tango. One of which is The Bedford where you could avail its hour-long Zumba Fitness workshop on specific days this month of August. Also check out the Pilates Classes available in Primrose Hill Community Centre on August 21 and 28. What good will these sports dances bring to you? They will not only improve your body shape and promote weight loss but also help you gain self-confidence, reduce stress and express yourself better.

3. Concerts
If you love music, why not attend live concerts instead of satisfying yourself with repetitive recorded voice of your favourite musician? British are lovers of music. In fact, there are various free concerts open to anyone. If you want to listen to jazz, blues, country and folk, Acoustic Night concert featuring local bands and singers is right for you. But if you are an aspiring musician or songwriter, try out your luck and perform onstage on Open Mic Night. Relaxation and enjoyment as well as opportunities to enlarge your social circle with fellow music lovers are benefits worthy of your time and attention. Check out Londontown for the dates and location.

4. Workshops
Want to learn more about the wilderness of London or have a close encounter with minibeasts in a safari? Maybe you prefer to learn more about French conversation, IT support, the intricate world of chess and many more without paying a single penny? Then participate in the free workshops offered by National Trust: Morden Hall Park and Donald Hope Library. Education is not free anymore but this is not true for these free workshops! Rare are the opportunities where you can broaden your knowledge whilst having fun so grab them now while they last.

5. Ping!
You must not have yet heard of this, right? Ping is a new street ping pong project which provides avenue for people to play competitive and social ping pong games for free. Sports are part of British lifestyle; thus, you must not miss this one! Ping, a 38-day project which began last July 24 and will end on September 4, also offers party games and competitions, as well as live professional tournaments. Ping has now more than 500 tables situated in public places across UK. Love challenges? Try out Ping! and maybe you could steal the title of Ping Pong Master from Forrest Gump.

There are lots of fun, rewarding and healthy activities out there an individual should not miss in the entirety of his lifetime. Watching telly is entertaining but being out in the field and enjoying everything life offers is definitely a lot more fun.

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