Manila, Philippines: Technology has made the world smaller and brought people closer. We monitor elections in a country from miles away, witness Facebook’s live video from space, and watch the live streaming of the Super Bowl’s halftime show where they happen, when they happen. But while the internet is a good platform for entertainment and be virtually part of world events, it also teaches us a sense of responsibility.


The media closely monitors the war in Syria, which started with a peaceful uprising in 2011. The United Nations reported that at least 250,000 people have been killed in the past five years, and displaced more than 4.8 million civilians. But the virtual world only started to really take note when a photo of a little boy from Aleppo, bloodied and shocked, went viral. Didn’t that image haunt you or made you ask “what can I do,” or “how can I help?”


A growing number of SEO professionals have taken the answer to that question a notch higher, and took on the challenge to be SEO Heroes. WIX, a cloud-based web development platform, started an SEO Hero contest for digital marketers and innovators. Everyone was invited to create a website optimized to the keyword, SEO Hero. If their website ranks highest for that search term in four months’ time, WIX will give the winning website $50,000.


The SEO Hero Challenge

Given the range of influence of SEO professionals in promoting businesses and making them thrive, they are also the best group of individuals to rally behind a cause such as drumming up support and assistance to the people of Syria. The WIX SEO Hero challenge provides the perfect platform for SEO natives to do their part and make a difference. The Propelrr team is channeling this raw influence to spearhead a movement to help Syria’s children.


The WIX contest is open to all SEO professionals around the world. They are to create a website in English on any platform (not just about SEO professionals and experts that can be considered heroes. Every day, a moderator will search Google for the term “SEO Hero.” The site to rank highest on average over the period of March 13 to 15, 2017 at 12:00PM ET (noon) and 20:00PM ET will be declared winner within two weeks of the challenge end date.


Google’s guidelines for SEO will be followed and all participants are expected to comply with the rules of the competition. Eran Hurvitz, CEO of MRKT360 INC, was tasked to ensure that everyone does. Entries must also satisfy the following requirements:


(1) Domain must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016. Note that the submission of entries was completed between November 16 and December 16, 2016.


(2) An account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017 to be connected to participant’s SEO Hero website.


Why join

Propelrr, a digital marketing company from the Philippines, initiated to gather SEO professionals and show the people of Syria that the world cares by joining the Wix SEO Hero contest. They created and gathered digital influencers and SEO professionals based locally and abroad. The supporters were interviewed and asked about how the online community can impact society. In “Hero Talk,” supporters are encouraged to talk about their concept of being a “hero” and how they think the professional practice can help make a difference.


To hero up for Syria, just sign up with your name and email and share how SEO professionals can band together for a good cause. The simple gesture of signing up could mean a whole world of difference for Syria.


SEO professionals are also encouraged to share the website on their own sites and social media pages. There’s also a badge you can share to show your support.


Should the website win, the full amount will be donated to Karam Foundation, a group committed to provide much-needed aid to Syrian children.


The work of Karam

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to rebuild Syria and provide a better future for its citizens and children. Apart from distributing aid, the foundation also developed innovative education programs for the Syrian youth refugees and continues to fund sustainable development projects for Syrian families.


Karam means generosity in Arabic. And true to their name, the foundation, which was founded in 2007 in Chicago, has been helping communities in need, starting with a food drive on the south side of Chicago in its early years. Today, they also help communities across the western part of Asia, including Syria.


Among their programs is to encourage families to sponsor a Syrian refugee. There are around one million Syrian refugee children today who need not just aid but long-term support such as education and other future-building tools. Karam itself is sponsoring over 200 refugee children to go to school. This can be done by donating $50 a month.


Karam also distributes emergency aid to the communities of Aleppo, a rebel stronghold. The foundation also believes in providing “smart aid” or programs that are sustainable and respond to the needs of the population. They are also building a Karam House, which is expected to be finished this 2017. It is a space of healing for survivors traumatized by violence and displacement.


The road to healing and rebuilding of Syria is long. But by being SEO Heroes, you can make things a little better by letting civilians and refugees know that the world cares.




SEOHERO.SUPPORT is cause-driven call initiative seeking the support of all Digital and SEO professionals globally to win the WIX SEO Contest aimed to donate 100% all the $50,000 winning pot to the war-stricken children of Syria.



The Right Ways to Deal with Children’s Tantrums

Dealing with children’s tantrums is an inevitable part of every parent’s life. It’s a true test of patience having to pacify a child who screams and cries his lungs out and refuses to listen to reason. There are lots of ways to deal with toddler tantrums, but most parents today prefer to take the easy route – giving the kid a smartphone or tablet to distract him.


This Is What Effective Parenting Really Looks Like

Effective parenting is something that most people will struggle with. Regardless of how good you are with kids before you had them, when you actually do, it’s a whole different ballgame. It’s not as simple as just playing or entertaining them anymore. Now you need to teach them about boundaries, social skills, health, and a bunch of other stuff that you are responsible for as a parent. This is on top of your moral (and legal) obligation to provide your child or children with all the necessities of daily living.

That’s why effective parenting techniques are so important. We can all somehow manage (or do our best at least) to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education. The basic necessities are easy enough for any parent to grasp because we require them just as much as our children do.

It’s the intangibles that are a bit tricky. How do you love them just enough to not spoil them? Why is it wrong to spoil them in the first place? How do you get them to develop good principles or beliefs? Is it ok to scold them in a particular way? How much is too much?

In this article we hope to provide you with a couple of lighthouses you can navigate to and anchor on, in your voyage to becoming a more effective parent. They may not be the only guide posts you can use, but they are generally accepted as effective by the standards of most parents.

The ultimate goal is, of course, for you to develop an evolving parenting style that fits you and your children. These parenting techniques should get you started.

Positive Reinforcement Is Always Better

Positive Reinforcement

Photo courtesy of Fabiana Zonca via Flickr, Creative Commons

A lot of grown ups prefer being told what they did wrong because it’s easier for them to pinpoint what to change about themselves. However, for children, the opposite is normally better. When trying to develop a certain habit, mentality, or attitude, positive reinforcement is always better than negative.

It’s always better to tell a child what he did right if you want him to do it again, rather than telling him what he did wrong.

Positive reinforcement is ultimately more motivating for a child. We all want approval and despite it being such a common desire for most people, a lot of parents don’t recognize how effective this can be in a developing child.

Children want approval from their parents and the more they get if for good behavior, the less likely they’ll misbehave and risk losing that approval.

You Should Be Your Child’s Biggest Influence

Biggest Influence

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Hiebert via Flickr, Creative Commons

As a parent, you should be your child’s biggest influence. Children will always look for a role model and since parents are the adults that they’ll be spending time the most with, a lot of their acquired behavior will come from you.

So if you want your children to use the words “please” and “thank you” then they need to hear you use them. They need to see their parents interact with other people in a respectful manner for them to be able to emulate the same.

If you want them to become avid readers, then you need to cultivate a household that promotes literacy. Read to them, let them see you reading the newspaper, have a mini library in their room, bring them to the bookstore when you buy your latest read, etc. If your children see how much their parents value literacy then they’ll naturally come to like it as well.

Become the person that you want your children to be.

Become Flexible To All The Changes Your Child Will Go Through

Flexible To All The Changes

Photo courtesy of State Farm via Flickr, Creative Commons

As a child grows older, it’s normal for him to go through several phases of change. It’s these behavioral changes that parents need to anticipate and adapt to. Your child who used to be a loner could suddenly become very sociable when he enters grade school, or your angel young daughter could suddenly become a rebellious teen.

Children will change as they grow and mature and parents need to be flexible enough in their parenting to be able to adjust to these.

Being overly supportive to a growing teen might not be a good idea, for example, if he’s going through an independent stage. It might have worked when he was younger but now, he could be at a point in his life where he needs to feel like he can do things by himself. In this case cultivating self-reliance, responsibility, and semi-distant support might be a better parenting strategy.

Be sensitive to what your child is going through and adapt to it. Change your parenting strategy to match whatever phase your child is going through. It’s never going to be perfect no matter how hard you try so expect some friction. But that’s part of being a parent.

Talk To Your Children About The Difficult Things

Talk To Your Children

Photo courtesy of Phil Dragash via Flickr, Creative Commons

As your children grow older, they’re going to be exposed to a lot of things around them that you may not always be comfortable talking to them about, but you will have to.

Things like sex, prejudice, homosexuality, and death are all very difficult things to explain to children, but they’re bound to be exposed to them at school, through the media, or through the internet.

If your child asks you about these subjects or if you find out that he’s learned about these things through one method or another, it’s best that you sit your child down and explain it to them as clearly and as simply as possible.

Don’t try to avoid the hard conversations, welcome them. View them as a chance to provide proper guidance. It’s so much better for children to learn about the “harsh” things in life from their parents and not from people who don’t care enough to explain these things to them the right way.

Play With Your Children When You Can

Play with your children

Photo courtesy of

Playing with your children is the simplest way you can spend quality time with them. Even if you’re not always able to be there for them because you need to work to put food on the table, you still can’t neglect quality time.

You can’t expect your children, especially the younger ones, to “understand” that you’re busy. You need to build an emotional connection and playing with them is the easiest way to do it.

It can be as simple as a trip to the playground on the weekends when you’re free. Or even just spending an hour with them before they go to sleep is enough. It doesn’t have to be anything major but it’s better if it’s consistent.

So even if you’re tired, even if you have to wake up early the next day, if your child is in the mood for it, play with him.

These tips aren’t the ultimate pointers for becoming a good parent. However, they should be enough to help you out especially if you’re a new.

Parenting styles will be different depending on the personality of both the parents and the children. So adapt yours to the particular circumstance that you are in.

As long as you remember that your job as a parent is to love and bring the best out of your children, you’ll be fine.

Finding The Decorating Style That Suits You

“Do you know your decorating style?”

This question might be too hard to answer for those starting to re-decorate their homes, and even for those who are moving into a new place and planning what their new home would look like. Jill Waage, Home Content Director of Better Homes and Gardens states that people nowadays are forever changed by the home design information which are readily available. With the massive availability of home decor information and its easy access over the internet, TV, and magazines, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused which can pose difficulty in determining what your exact decorating style is.

But you don’t need to fret as your journey in discovering your decorating style for your home improvement can be both easy and fun. It may be a gradual process but it will surely reflect your personality and in the end will make you feel satisfied with the overall look of your home. I’ll be asking you some questions which, by answering, can help you get a step closer to your decorating style. I’ll also be sharing with you different ways to find your personal decorating style while giving a heads up on some specific styles that you might consider for your homes. Read along, and have an enjoyable journey discovering your personal style for your dwelling place.

  1. What Photos Capture Your Interest?

This is EXACTLY what I want in a desk space! High shelf that my computer will fit under. (Vintage cameras and owls will go there) Inspiration board on the wall and lots of desk space. Would probably put shelves going up both sides to put books.   Also, in white!

Photo by decor8 holly via Pinterest

You’ve already clipped a photo of your dream bedroom from your favourite home magazine. You’ve already took some shots of your friend’s cosy living room. You’ve finished browsing the internet for inspiration photos for the unique look of your dining area. If you’ve done these steps, then you’re off to a good start. Your personal decorating style can be discovered by compiling images that you like and love. Doing this can help you build your photo inspiration board for easy reference of how you see your home in the future. Since most of us spend lots of time in the internet, it is also best for you to utilize Pinterest to properly organize those designs that speak to you. Go over each photo that you’ve pinned and look for patterns and features that you might want to fit together.


A Lookback at 19th Century Britain

One nation has much to tell just by looking at its homes. British home interiors, for one, have much history to tell.  Looking at its home posts, awnings, verandas, and houses, these are evidences that Great Britain has gone through a ride in history, harnessed by numerous events and battles, especially during the 19th century.

Image by Elliot Brown via Flickr, Creative Commons

Owing to the Industrial Revolution, 19th century presented an unparalleled expansion for Britain. From communication down to transportation, politics, and even home interior designs, the Victorian period has made its mark on Britain. Let us step back and see how the Victorian period affected modern England.


A Guide for Travelling this Christmas

The chilling air, the warm embraces, the roasting smell, yes, the Holiday spirit has finally taken over as this year comes to an end. The question is where would you be?

Travelling during the holidays can both be stressful and rewarding but with a little bit of preparation, you can reap off the benefits of the latter. Sneak a peek in this Christmas travel guide and soon you’ll be singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” rather blissfully, not minding the tune of course. (more…)

5 Fun Activities That Would Attract You Away From Your Telly

Admit it. If you are at home and bored to death out of nothing to do, what would you most likely do? Watching television has topped the list of regular activities an ordinary British person does. Rather than spending time outside on Sundays, most families opt to sit on the settee watching their favourite TV series and films. It is not surprising that an Euro statistics survey revealed that people in Britain use 45% of their time watching television.

Although this hobby is part of the daily life for larger British population, experts worry that too much of it might pose threat to one’s health. Time magazine reported that this habit increases the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems as well as risk of premature death from any cause. This might chicken you out or something, but no worries! This article will talk about 5 fun activities that would definitely steal the show of your attention far away from your favourite TV.

1. Geocaching

Is the term new to you? Maybe not, what with the increasing hype surrounding it that instantly turned it as favourite pastime for outdoor travellers. According to, the most prominent geocaching website, this activity is a real world treasure hunting in which you will only need a GPS-enabled device, access to the internet and pocket money, and you are now set to play the game. Similar to the rules of treasure hunting, you are in pursuit of a hidden treasure or ‘caches’ but this time, using the aid of GPS receiver. Get first a free account on and download the coordinates to your device to give you clues of the location and description of cache. Now you are ready to hunt your way to the coveted geocache. What, then, would this trip entail you? Certainly a must try activity with your whole family, you will have a closer encounter with breathtaking, interesting and unusual nature locations as well as thrilling and fun adventure in looking for the treasure. In UK alone, there are 70, 000 hidden geocaches waiting for you to uncover. So, are you interested? Then go and find it! (more…)

Little Helpers in Interior Design

You probably don’t know anything about real mess until you’ve become a mother, with several kids in the house. It can be stressful, it will definitely take a toll on your patience and bother your (previously) organized self, but there are times there simply is no getting out of it. Why not “attack” the problem and work it out to your (and your home’s) best advantage?

Kids have minds of their own, and if you think you can influence them into doing something worthwhile just by nagging, think again. You probably are able to do that out of fear, but it will not instil in them a sense of responsibility, dedication and later on fulfilment that you would want them to value as they grow older.

254770 018 (more…)

Rain got you down? Make up for it with brighter home designs

Everyone dreads the rainy days because they mean that people must invest in building and in renting elevated houses, hiring professional repairmen and seeking pieces of advice from contractors regarding remodelling, in the hope sparing themselves from the potential casualties that the said season brings. But bear these tips in mind so that your house will not only be safe to live in but also look warm despite the cold weather.


1. Choosing the right colours